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To change password, email or DNS for reseller, click their username in the top right. You can also set Sidebar Nav or Dark Mode from here.
As of 21 official, you'll need to enable the reseller options for the above in the settings page.

Changelog (Official):
  • Fixed trial limitations breaking user creation functions.
  • Fixed search in modal popups. E.g. Add Episode dropdown.
  • Users page now takes download dropdown from device table instead of fixed list.
  • Filtered package override list down to only applicable packages to user.
  • Fixed http:// requirement in reseller DNS on profile page.
  • Added settings to limit change of reseller DNS, email and password.
  • Removed login flood tracking when not enabled, was creating large table.
  • Added reCAPTCHA domain list dropdown. Click the info icon next to Enable reCAPTCHA setting.
  • Re-added separators to navigation lists.
  • Added load balancing key to settings, so you can change it.
  • Added HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP to get IP function, should allow cloudflare usage.
  • Re-added separators to navigation lists.
Changelog (Early Access):
  • Added advanced admin permissions.
  • Added dark theme.
  • Added enable button for reCAPTCHA in settings.
  • Changed logout on IP change to an optional toggle in settings.
  • Implemented custom headers for streams.
  • If invalid key is supplied, recaptcha won't block login authentication.
  • Fixed package override? Not entirely sure.
  • Modified advanced admin permissions to not affect main admin user. Create a new admin user for advanced permissions.
  • Modified groups page to hide certain functionality where not necessary.
  • Modified mass edit, should be faster and fail less often.
  • Added user profile for admin and resellers.
  • Added per user theme options, dark mode and sidebar.
  • Fixed packages not charging reseller.
  • Added ability to limit trial generation based on minimum credits.
  • Added static username for logins. Won't prompt for username. E.g. http://test.com:25461/#GTA

If you get a warning stating your database needs upgrading, but it won't go away after clicking Update Tables in the settings menu, then your permissions are incorrect. Run the following and try again:
sudo chown -R xtreamcodes:xtreamcodes /home/xtreamcodes/

If backups aren't working for you, run the following command:
sudo chown -R xtreamcodes:xtreamcodes /home/xtreamcodes/

Your database may not have updated correctly. Ensure the admin folder has the correct permissions by running the below command:
sudo chown -R xtreamcodes:xtreamcodes /home/xtreamcodes/

Now go to Settings -> Database, click Update Tables.

If it still doesn't work, ensure your TMDb API key is correct and active. If it definitely is, then your mysql user for XC probably doesn't have the right permissions to modify tables. Give the user all the available permissions and it try the above again.

To set up folder watching, go to the Settings dropdown, Folder Watch and click Settings. You need to set up your Genre matching here. So firstly, click Update from TMDb to get the latest genres. You can attribute a category that you have created to each TMDb Genre. The first genre for each TV Show or Movie will be the one it selects.

The above is optional, this is for more accurate matching, however you can override these settings in the next step.

To set up a folder to be watched, click the + button on the Folder Watch page and fill out the required details. Make sure you select the correct type or you'll have a bunch of incorrectly allocated movies or episodes. The override settings allow you to select a category that the movie / tv show will default to, or a fallback incase it doesn't match the category allocation you may have set up in the first step. It also has various other options for those who want to customise their matches more.

If your scan doesn't seem to be running, check your crontab with the following command:
sudo crontab -e -u xtreamcodes

Look for watch_folders.php. If it isn't there, delete the crontab_refresh file from the tmp folder of xtreamcodes, and restart the service. If it still isn't there, maybe your crontab for xtreamcodes is immutable as it can't be changed. Up to you to figure that one out.

If you update manually, please make sure you set the permissions using the following command:
sudo chown -R xtreamcodes:xtreamcodes /home/xtreamcodes/
Otherwise, shit won't work.

So I've made a process killer that checks all PID's in the database against live PID's on the server, killing any it doesn't need. This could potentially help people running into CPU issues, or just help in general as XC isn't the best at killing PID's.

To install it, download the file from above and extract it here (on each server you want it running on, include LB's):


For manual update, download the release from the link below.

For the SSH update option below
Update Script
apt-get install unzip e2fsprogs python-paramiko -y && chattr -i /home/xtreamcodes/iptv_xtream_codes/GeoLite2.mmdb && rm -rf /home/xtreamcodes/iptv_xtream_codes/admin && rm -rf /home/xtreamcodes/iptv_xtream_codes/pytools && wget "https://www.atoznull.com/XtreamUI/release_21.zip" -O /tmp/update.zip -o /dev/null && unzip /tmp/update.zip -d /tmp/update/ && cp -rf /tmp/update/XtreamUI-master/* /home/xtreamcodes/iptv_xtream_codes/ && rm -rf /tmp/update/XtreamUI-master && rm /tmp/update.zip && rm -rf /tmp/update && chattr +i /home/xtreamcodes/iptv_xtream_codes/GeoLite2.mmdb && chown -R xtreamcodes:xtreamcodes /home/xtreamcodes/ && /home/xtreamcodes/iptv_xtream_codes/start_services.sh


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