Admin Panel for WebTV Player Nulled

Admin Panel for WebTV Player Nulled 2020-04-01

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We have upgraded the web TV player with some new features that allow your customers to watch the content from the web browser( like Firefox or Chrome etc). This new version enhances the watching experience of end-users. They only need to enter their username/password to watch the entertainment content.
This software solution is available for both Owner and Reseller of an XtreamUI/Streaminy.

Features: Below, are some of the unique and attractive features for the admin.

Admin Panel feature: In our previous version we don’t provide any admin panel to the client until they asked for it. But, in this latest release, we provide the admin panel feature to them as a mandatory option.

Incorporated Banner: This panel gives an authority to admin to add banner about the latest movies and series. So, that client can have a quick look at the latest releases.

Themes Design:- In our previous version client has only one theme but, in our latest version client can have more than one theme design. For this, he has to buy a theme from our website, then install it and then uploads that theme in his admin panel. In this way, the client can change the theme at a time according to their needs or according to occasions for their customers.

In addition to this, we add some new features to the client area also.

Multiple Themes: With the new upgraded version of Web TV player end users don’t get a feeling of getting bored while watching the content on the same theme for so long because now they can watch the content on multiple themes when their owner change the themes.

Favorite functionality: it’s the most interesting feature because it gives the authority to a client to add their favorite content in the favorite section. So that they don’t have a need to scroll the screen for watching their favorite channels. It simply adds in their favorite categories. These favorite sections are available for live, movies, series, catch-up and radio.

View options: we are providing the new two options for the view. As we know our previous version only provide the channel view, therefore, the client can only watch the current show with their EPG. But, in this new version end users can see the EPG of all channels while watching the movies, series.

Top Added Banner: This new feature enhanced the watching experience of an end-user. Now, the user can view the banner for the latest movies and series with new watch trailer option. Which means the customers can get full information about the latest releases in just one glance. This feature is only related to the movies and series section only.

Background image: We increase the look by adding a background image to the movies and series information section. Which gives them more presentable and attractive look to the clients.

Sort: With this feature, end-user can get a more sorted look at the movies and series. Like top added, top-rated, ascending and descending order of the movies or series are shown to the clients as a result client don’t need to arrange the content by themselves like they have to do in the previous version.

Categories view: In this, the view or look of the categories is the same as of an IPTV android app. This view is applicable to living, movies, series, radio, and catch-up.
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